Latest White Paper – Energy & Emissions at Cellular Base Stations

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Our latest White Paper entitled, “Energy & Emissions at Cellular Base Stations: Smart Cell Site Design for Energy Efficiency & Reduced Carbon Footprint” is now available for download on the WireIE website.

Abstract: Alternative energy technologies are rapidly becoming more sophisticated, reliable and cost effective.  This paper first explores decisions that can be made by the wireless network operator at the site design stage to reduce power consumption.  It then examines the business case for solar and wind power at radio base station sites where grid power is unreliable or unavailable.

About the Author: John Willson, P.Eng., has over ten years of experience as an engineer in the wireless telecommunications industry. He has held a wide variety of roles from network design, optimization and traffic modeling to technology development and technology planning. John has built three generations of cellular networks, and was instrumental in launching GPS services at a major Canadian wireless carrier. John holds a Bachelor of Engineering Physics from McMaster University, and is a licensed Professional Engineer in the province of Ontario. No stranger to translating between dollars and decibels, John is adept at producing analysis at the complex intersection of performance and cost. He is currently exploring opportunities to reduce the energy, carbon and waste footprints of the telecom industry.

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