The Background

In a land that is rich with natural resources, Canadians expect businesses to act as responsible stewards who will protect our valuable assets for today and into the future. For energy, mining and utilities companies, this means paying close attention to remote operations and facilities where accidents can lead to disastrous consequences.

Companies have learned that without strict protocols and 24/7 monitoring of potentially vulnerable sites, accidents can cause millions of dollars in damages, leading to government imposed fines and impacting brand and image with negative publicity.

The Client – A Leading Canadian Energy & Utilities Company

The Requirements

  • High Speed Connectivity between multiple branch offices, many in remote locations;
  • Remote Video Monitoring, to enable a proactive security;
  • Communications consistency across all locations – urban, city, and rural;
  • Real-Time Business Intelligence and Strategic Analytics;
  • Video Conferencing and Document Collaboration;
  • “Always-on” mission-critical applications, enabling operational and commercial excellence;
  • Systems to track and facilitate performance, ensuring Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are met.

While these applications are easy to implement in most urban centers where a common carrier grade platform is always available, carriers cannot deliver the same high level of quality in hard-to-service or remote locations. In this particular case, the client had waited three years for their National Carrier to find a solution to their problem.

The Solution

Our carrier partner approached WireIE for assistance, which prompted a direct, detailed, and rapid response to all issues. WireIE conducted detailed site assessments and needs analysis at each facility, including current service capabilities, SLA requirements, latency tolerances, and any other information that might impact service quality.

Within days, we architected a fully blended network infrastructure that utilized the best of the carrier’s on-net offerings with the seamless delivery capabilities of the WireIE high availability TES product (Transparent Ethernet Solution).

WireIE financed the project, amortizing the investment in facility upgrades across the full length of a three year commitment meaning that the solution not only solved the client’s problem, it met their budget requirements as well.

The company had waited three years for a national carrier to deliver service. WireIE solved the problem and delivered their TES high speed network in less than 3 weeks.

The Result

With a high availability, SLA backed ubiquitous network spanning their operations in every region in Canada, this Energy and Utilities Company is able to meet their environmental commitments ensuring that pipeline integrity is never compromised. In particular they:

  • are confident in the uptime of their 24/7 state-of-the-art computerized monitoring systems;
  • can support their advanced internal inspection technology which constantly travels the pipeline looking for integrity issues;
  • ensure field crew training remains fresh by utilizing video training facilities;
  • have reduced travel and communications costs by using a state-of-the-art platform to collaborate, conference, whiteboard and connect.

With an always on, always available capability there is better protection for environmentally sensitive areas such as stream and river crossings. Safety shut-off valves can be immediately activated in response to incidents such as leaks. Leaks are now detected earlier using technology such as line balances which rely on the always available WireIE network to deliver accurate results.

With WireIE, it’s not only Mission Critical,
its Mission Accomplished.

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