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A mere week ago, I was a twitter skeptic.

Last Friday, I had several co-workers gathered around my desk energetically explaining the opportunity and buzz that is the magic of twitter. At the time, I did not really “get” what the point was of letting the web world know one’s each and every move on a regular or in many cases, very frequent basis.

Now I possess a Twitter account and am somewhat addicted.

Those of you who have seen some recent media buzz but are still unfamiliar with the site should really check it out. If you are curious about how it works, this video does a great job at explaining the site in a simple way:

Twitter in Plain English

Many celebrities and public figures are now “tweeting” (the term used for twitter’s “What are you doing?” status updates). Most use twitter for sharing interesting facts, thoughts, and links.

Twitter allows you to direct tweets at other users, by using the “@” symbol and the username of the person before a post. This will create a link to that user’s profile for others to see. There is also a direct message feature in case you wish to contact a fellow tweeter in a more private manner.

Placing “RT” before a post signifies a “re-tweet”, in which you copy information that you learned from another user’s tweet.

All in all, Twitter is very cool, very entertaining, and is an excellent networking tool – whether for business or personal use.

You can find WireIE’s official twitter page here.

Happy tweeting!


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