We Believe in Giving Back


Our commitment to making a difference goes beyond technology. We also believe in developing the untapped potential that exists in the young minds and emerging economies in which we work. We plant the seeds for future generations by encouraging the growth of sustainable communities wherever our business takes us.


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In 2009, we were proud to take part in an initiative to donate HP computers to the country of Grenada for use in three primary schools across the country.


We are committed to making regular donations to local charities such as The Red Cross, Second Harvest and Tour For Kids. After the tragic earthquake in Haiti, WireIE donated a satellite phone for the Haitian Government’s use, as well as $500 to the Red Cross for relief efforts.


We’re dedicated to financially supporting three graduate engineering students from UOIT (University of Ontario Institute of Technology) for three years.

Nestor Falls students score new technology

Southern Ontario company WireIE donates laptops, iPad and printers
Posted: Jan 17, 2013 2:35 PM ET Last Updated: Jan 17, 2013 3:23 PM ET
One of the smallest schools in the northwest is getting a boost from a corporate donation of laptops and iPads.
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We are pleased to label ourselves a carbon neutral company through the purchase of carbon offsets. We offset the carbon emissions used for office space, fuel for land based business travel, and flights. In 2008, this meant that we offset a total of 48 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions and received a Carbon Offset Certificate.

We purchase our offsets from Toronto-based offset broker Carbonzero to contribute to positive environmental projects such as wind farms and solar installations.

Caribbean – Computers For Grenada

Local firm donates computers to Grenada

WireIE donates computers to Grenada

WireIE president and CEO, Rob Barlow (left) greets Grenada’s Prime Minister, Tillman Thomas.


A Richmond Hill firm is supporting technology development in the Caribbean.
Last week, WireIE Holdings International Inc. president and chief executive officer, Rob Barlow, presented 15 HP computers to Grenada’s Prime Minister, Tillman Thomas, at the Caribbean Association of National Telecommunication Organization’s (CANTO) 25th annual conference and trade exhibition in Trinidad & Tobago.

The computers will be installed in libraries, post offices and community centres across the island for public use.

Barlow also said his company will donate 1.5 per cent of its gross revenue from the region to purchase computers and train recipients annually as part of its “Computers for the Caribbean” project, launched in association with CANTO last week.

“We are working with HP, which is our strategic partner in the region, to deliver the technology in the form of computers and training,” Barlow told Share shortly after returning from the twin-island republic.

“We are the first private sector partner to team up with CANTO to participate in this exciting new initiative that aims to connect the Caribbean through technology use, in order to capture the age of social networking and the new web experience. This is a long-term initiative and we look forward to building this program with CANTO in the years to come.”

Barlow said his organization’s interest in the Caribbean was fueled by some of his employees who come from the Caribbean and Africa.

“When you look at it, we in Canada and the United States are way ahead in technology,” said Barlow, who has facilitated the introduction of several strategically significant and high profile new technologies in the Canadian telecommunications sector. “There is a big market to go after in the Caribbean because there are not a lot of things there that are correctly executed.”

“People come in and buy technology from manufacturers without completing the process because there is nobody in place to help do on-the-job training. I am from northern Ontario so I know what it’s like to feel remote, and that’s why I figured we could add more value to the Caribbean at this time.”

WireIE is also collaborating with CANTO in a competition to bring a winner from the Caribbean to attend next year’s Caribana festivities.