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RSS Feeds – The New, Faster Way to Read the Web

Posted on Please subscribe to our Whiteboard’s RSS Feed! (You will see the orange “Subscribe by RSS” button to the right of this post). This way, you will be notified when the Whiteboard has been updated instead of having to check back… Continue Reading

Smart Grid Enables Renewable Energy Sources

Posted on The benefits of Smart Grid are varied and far-reaching and are above and beyond capturing energy losses and consumer conservation. Smart Grid promises a genuine revolution in the way the electrical power supply chain operates, in that it enables many… Continue Reading

Great Response to our Smart Grid White Paper

Posted on A few weeks ago, we sent out a Smart Grid white paper to the public, key industry stakeholders…and even Barack Obama! (via Twitter) Since then, a few more edits have been made based on phenomenal comments and suggestions from our… Continue Reading

CarbonVIX Update!

Posted on We’re continuing to run various tests and trial activity with our CarbonVIX test bed this week. Due to weather issues we’ve moved most of the work indoors, however with the exception of the solar array we’re still able to test… Continue Reading

CarbonVIX Testing a Success!

Posted on After several months of lab work we finally moved our CarbonVIX test bed out of the lab into the parking lot for some operational testing. To date, we have spent the bulk of our time working on individual components. Thursday… Continue Reading

Smart Grid White Paper – Hot Off the Press!

Posted on Tim Brown, WireIE’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO) has just completed a white paper entitled, “Practical Considerations for Smart Grid”. It is our hope this white paper reaches as many readers as possible, as it is the first of its kind… Continue Reading

Tweet, tweet, tweet

Posted on A mere week ago, I was a twitter skeptic. Last Friday, I had several co-workers gathered around my desk energetically explaining the opportunity and buzz that is the magic of twitter. At the time, I did not really “get” what… Continue Reading

Ontario’s Proposed Green Energy Act

Posted on This past week, there has been much media attention surrounding the Ontario Government’s proposal on a Green Energy Act. Premier Dalton McGuinty wants to focus on alternative energy solutions for the future, rid ourselves of our coal burning ways, and… Continue Reading

WireIE’s Latest Press Release

Posted on WireIE Holdings International Inc. is 100% Carbon Neutral for 2008 Richmond Hill (ON) March 4, 2009 – WireIE Holdings International Inc. is proud to label themselves a carbon neutral company for 2008 through the purchase of carbon offsets. WireIE offsets… Continue Reading

Welcome to WireIE’s Official Blog

Posted on Hello and welcome to WireIE’s official blog, “Whiteboard”. My name is Jennifer Marron and I am the Marketing & Communications Specialist at WireIE and will be overseeing this space. Tim Brown, our Chief Technology Officer (CTO) will also be a… Continue Reading