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WireIE Riding a Wave of Success – JSA TV Spotlight at PTC’18

Posted on CEO Rob Barlow Shares Direction for 2018 with Jaymie Scotto Cutaia At PTC’18, one of the most important telecommunications events for the Pacific Rim, our CEO, Rob Barlow, met up with JSA TV’s Jaymie Scotto Cutaia to discuss the company’s… Continue Reading

Ethernet Solutions for Today’s Forward-Thinking Canadian Defence Sector

Posted on Canada’s defence sector faces unique threats and challenges. From the growing number of cyber-attacks on the federal government to the country’s vast underserved regions, mission-critical government services across the country require networks with unparalleled resilience, availability and security.  As a… Continue Reading

WireIE Maintains the Highest Security Standards

Posted on Cybersecurity is an issue that can affect us all, but did you know that it’s impacting the oil and gas industry as well? The truth is, most oil and gas companies have already experienced a security breach to their system.… Continue Reading

WireIE CEO Rob Barlow Participates in 37th Annual St. Maarten Heineken Regatta

Posted on On March 8, 2017, our CEO Rob Barlow joined fellow British and American crewmembers of the EH01 Performance Yacht Racing team in winning second place in the CSA1 class of the 37th Annual St. Maarten Heineken Regatta. As a mast… Continue Reading

Connecting First Nations Communities Across Canada

Posted on Connectivity. Seems like such a simple thing, doesn’t it? Most of us can’t imagine a world without it. For many First Nation communities in Canada, not having access to the proper connectivity is a reality they face every day. The… Continue Reading

WireIE Holiday 2016

Posted on Continue Reading

WireIE Continues to Lead Internationally

Posted on To say it was a busy month for our team here at WireIE would be an understatement. As November rapidly approached, our management team, President & CEO, Rob Barlow and EVP of Marketing, Neil Buchanan prepared for the final networking… Continue Reading

Reliable Connectivity Reducing Operation Costs in Underserved Regions

Posted on Technologies empower businesses operating in underserved regions to perform at optimal standards with increased effectiveness remaining operationally lean, flexible and responsive. As a result, innovative new technologies such as unified communications, cloud and big data, reduce overall costs for organizations… Continue Reading

Technology: Easing Pressures for Oil and Gas

Posted on The Canadian oil and gas industry is transforming, giving rise to new opportunities in resource exploration and extraction. Companies are experiencing new and increased pressures to improve productivity and decrease costs. The adoption of technology is a critical strategy for… Continue Reading

Cost of Downtime

Posted on Unplanned outages are expensive, and the cost of those outages is exponentially rising. As clients rely heavily on their network connectivity, even slight downtime could have the potential to cost the enterprise money, time and frustration. Networks continue to be… Continue Reading