The Costs of Deficient Network Access

The inconsistent availability of digital communications splits your enterprise into have and have-not locations, leading to higher costs, lower productivity, and lost profits.

Rural and remote locations are forced to use different systems, solutions and processes based on their irregular level of network availability. This leads to the loss of the collaboration and real-time competitiveness gains that are essential for your enterprise to grow and prosper.

Inferior digital communication capability damages far more than just your rural and remote locations. Your management team is forced to make plans based not on the best practices available to them, but on the limitations of the inconsistent and variable communication capabilities of each location. Remote management, tele-work, and real-time collaboration become impossible. Communication, co-operation, and data sharing all slow down. Customer service becomes frustratingly inconsistent. Productivity and efficiency take a hit. As a result, the promised returns on your ICT investments never materialize.

The Solution is WireIE TES

The solution is to provide a consistently high level of access, security, and scalability to 100% of the locations where you do business. This is the only way to realize the full benefit of your investments in Information Communication and Technology (ICT). This is exactly what WireIE TES provides.

Whether your enterprise locations are in an under-served rural or remote location or in a well-served metropolitan area, it is not acceptable to have some locations running disconnected solutions or using sub-standard processes because of variations in network capabilities. Your enterprise needs transparent access to the benefits of secure, high-speed, high-availability network communication.

WireIE’s TES allows every worker in every location to benefit from the same real-time productivity solutions that your enterprise has already invested in.

The Benefits of High-availability Networks

Accelerate:Maximize productivity by giving 100% of your company access to the best connected tools and processes they need to get their jobs done Leverage:Empower your most highly skilled team members to view, manage, and control your business from any location Integrate:Increase responsiveness by connecting your entire value chain, from suppliers to partners to staff to customers

Features of WireIE (TES)

Using the latest in fiber and digital radio technology, combined with world class network engineering, TES gives 100% of your enterprise locations access to 100% of the benefits of your ICT investments.

  • Carrier grade service level agreement
  • Dashboard reporting of network performance and status
  • Guaranteed performance (up to 99.999% availability)
  • Physical and process security (certified and deployed for law enforcement, courts, airports)
  • Scalable bandwidth
  • Capitalized, built, and managed by WireIE

WireIE’s TES ensures that the most remote, rural, or previously under-served enterprise location has access to the same productivity solutions as are available at the company’s headquarters in the most well-connected metropolitan centres. And this carrier grade performance from WireIE is backed by a carrier grade service level agreement.

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